Diving Board or Slide Additions

Whether you have children, host parties, or are just an avid swimmer, adding a diving board or water slide to your pool will definitely add excitement and fun to your backyard!

There are two different types of diving boards you can choose to add to your pool: simple platform and spring board. They are both equal in safety, so which one you choose just depends on your use for it. If you swim laps and typically use it for physical fitness purposes, then a spring type diving board is most likely your best option. If you want a diving board for decorative purposes, maybe you want it to blend in with its rock surroundings, then a simple platform type diving board would be more suitable. Let us help you asses your needs and find the diving board that is best for you!

We all know water slides are purely for fun! Adding a slide to your pool will bring countless memorable experiences to your home, family and friends. Need we say more? Give us a call today to discuss adding a water slide to your pool.


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