Swimming Pool Trends

Swimming Pools. Movie Stars.


There are so many reasons to want to add a new pool or remodel an existing one.


Lifestyle is certainly one of them.


Lifestyle here in Florida is more about appreciating and respecting our area’s natural beauty than keeping up with the Joneses, however.


Trends in swimming pool construction vary from region to region. Here on the Space Coast, it is important to take into account the water table and the fragile ecosystem of our nearby estuaries, wildlife refuges and waterways.


Fantasy Pools will help you make sure that your swimming pool is up to the most demanding standards for construction, style and environmental impact.


Many residents now choose to build or retrofit existing pools with a salt water option.


Others are especially interested in making sure that their backyard retreat flows seamlessly with their tropical landscaping and waterfront sightlines.


Our designers and builders are experts in style and design. As native Brevardians, we are also extremely conscious of the impact construction and water systems have on the local environment.


Style differences such as colors and materials change throughout the years. We can help remodel an older 1970’s pool as well as design new, streamlined modern swimming pools with a nod toward minimalist or space age designs.


Whatever your sparkling dream, we can help make it a reality.

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