Pool Services

Fantasy Pools offers pool services in Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island and the surrounding areas. Below is a list of all of the professional services that Fantasy Pools has to offer.

Find and Repair Leaks

Find and Repair Leaks

It can be difficult to initially detect a leak in your pool, spa or hot tub, since many people use them on almost a daily basis for the majority of the yea...

Pool Pump & Motor Installation, Repairs & Replacement

We know that replacing broken pool, spa, or hot tub pumps and motors can be a nightmare and quite costly, so we will do whatever it takes to fix it, rather...

Pool Heater Installation, Repairs & Replacement

Here at Fantasy Pools, we offer only professional level pool heater installation, repairs and replacement services. Perhaps you notice the heater is having...


Visit the three websites below to compare pricing, and loan terms, for your new pool.

>>> Lyon Financial

>>> HFS Financial

>>> Viking Capital